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I am a gypsy! having been born and raised in Yorkshire, England I left at 21 and lived in many places including Germany for 5 years. This resulted in my always striving to move on to the next level of my life. The one thing that remained constant is my need to create. Eventually I went back to university and graduated with a first class honours degree in fashion and textiles majoring in knitwear design. I am now back in Yorkshire and a professional in-house hand knit designer for a well known UK pattern and yarn company.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


(Finally I am back! Had a Bug.....a laptop bug and took a while to sort out and even longer to get all my programmes back up and running)

Quite a while back I had an art and design project entitled 'self-image' in which I delved into the idea of what makes me me and played an emphasis on what it means to be a woman. I included my night time ramblings (You know! the ones which play through your mind as you are trying to sleep.....the things that worry you, the things that didn't get done)

I covered the basic self too, as in genetics and genes, this evolved into a me corset from 'Mod rock' modelled around my-self and embellished with photographs of people who mean something to me in the guise of the genetic code. The top part of the corset was hand crochet in a pattern which resembled the cells. See lower picture....

...fast forward to June 2009! Now I am working on some Bridalwear, incorporating crochet lace. I am using the lace traditionally and untraditionally, and this has manefested into a few shrugs to give the arms some modesty.

.....so the phrase, "here's one I made earlier" crops up, as I found the 'self-image corset' and recycled. I detached the crochet work and retouched the edges, taking off the ice queen look! beading. I then opened up the neck line and added a tie fastening.
The shrug would look well with a Bridal dress which has a touch of red or in a wedding party with red bouquets.

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