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I am a gypsy! having been born and raised in Yorkshire, England I left at 21 and lived in many places including Germany for 5 years. This resulted in my always striving to move on to the next level of my life. The one thing that remained constant is my need to create. Eventually I went back to university and graduated with a first class honours degree in fashion and textiles majoring in knitwear design. I am now back in Yorkshire and a professional in-house hand knit designer for a well known UK pattern and yarn company.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

HOME AT LAST!---Aspergers syndrome

So I finally made it home albeit with now the battery light coming on so its back off to yet another car Dr in the morning....so far this year we are talking, a new alternator, new silencer, new fan belt, new clutch grrrr if i thought it would help I would crochet a new car! p.s it only 4 years old. So whilst, stranded I busied myself writing a new knit/crochet pattern which is to be entered into a competition (images to follow. Lol Just don't have strength right now after a 4 hour drive) and discovered parchment craft which my mum is now into in a big way. Its an excellent way of illustrating my bridal crochet lace designs.
Above is an image of some of my developing crochet lace bridal Jewellry.
Anyway back to my how did I get where I am now story.....
in 2004 I discovered that my son had Aspergers Syndrome, it is part of the autistic spectrum. Although he is very high functioning life can sometimes be tough for us all as a family unit. He is affected mainly by memory and this makes learning hard. However he is doing fabulous in drama. I found a news story earlier about an Australian teenager with AS who vanished and turned up 600 miles away having cycled, he had merely forgotten to tell his mum.......mmmm good job I have crochet and knit to steady my nerves .
I am busy building up my sample stock to hopefully launch my work at Alexandar Palace, London in October at the Twisted Thread show.....I am contemplating donating 5% of any orders/sales to the Autistic society and 5% to Scope (my train of thought being that this part of my charity donations could go towards a sponsorship to walk the Inca Trail, which might allow me to source eco yarns being produced by these people first hand as well as for a good cause)

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