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I am a gypsy! having been born and raised in Yorkshire, England I left at 21 and lived in many places including Germany for 5 years. This resulted in my always striving to move on to the next level of my life. The one thing that remained constant is my need to create. Eventually I went back to university and graduated with a first class honours degree in fashion and textiles majoring in knitwear design. I am now back in Yorkshire and a professional in-house hand knit designer for a well known UK pattern and yarn company.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


This is my internationally made! crochet dress, part of the 'After...?' series collection. This particular one is 'After Dita' due to it being backless and designed to be worn with cute hot pants (Slightly burlesque in styling). It was started at 7am on a flight to Sweden, and continued to be made in Sweden at Alison Friday's (knitsandpearls blogspot) newly formed knit cafe, and while drinking what could quite possibly be the most expensive single glass of wine I have ever drank! This was made even more interesting due to the fact that we were sat on a floating deck at the time and I was trying to work out a new stitch.
.... the rest of the dress was made in the U.K., part at home and some of my car knitting/crochet sessions! (I seem to spend quite a lot of time on the fabled 'school run' and hate wasting precious time, so while waiting I use this time to work on my garments...quite often passersby read my 'Quirky Little Knits' car magnet (decal) sign attached to my car and begin to talk to me through the window, asking about what I am doing. My aim is to hand out out least 2-3 business cards during this)

...the edging of the dress is made from individual circles which are interlinked and then crochet together with trebles. The yarn is the Wendy Yo Yo double knit with Lycra which is a dead-stock yarn.

...The front has a backbone! I seem to be deeply influenced by the inside of the body and the backbone is fast becoming a personal signature. around this back/front bone I have created ruffles which are in-line with current fashion trends.

(front full length view)

...this side view shows the interesting shape of the armhole, which is edged with a band in trebles and finished/sealed with a cover double row.
This dress will be on show at Alex. palace, London between 8th-11th October 2009 at the knit and stitch show.

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Alison Friday said...

Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's and I'm not sure why;-)

Love it.