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I am a gypsy! having been born and raised in Yorkshire, England I left at 21 and lived in many places including Germany for 5 years. This resulted in my always striving to move on to the next level of my life. The one thing that remained constant is my need to create. Eventually I went back to university and graduated with a first class honours degree in fashion and textiles majoring in knitwear design. I am now back in Yorkshire and a professional in-house hand knit designer for a well known UK pattern and yarn company.

Monday, 14 September 2009


(Chunky hoops being attached)

I have been working on such a mountain of different projects and ideas of late that I have been left with that inevitable pile of left over yarn....and I hate wasting anything; Solution Earth friendly Jewelry, which has no need for plastic or metal fastenings and is completely hand crafted.

(The double crochet wrap around pre-made tube technique)

So I came up with this simple but effective chunky, very on-trend necklace design. It uses this seasons 'Jewel colours' and a linked chain, which is entirely crochet. The length is made long enough to place over the head, so no other fastenings or materials are necessary.
....The process involves forming a double crochet strip, which is then doubled over on itself to create a tube, the tube is sealed via slip crochet stitches at the width end to form a hoop. The hoop is then crochet around by using doubles and pulling up a long loop around the tube. As the necklace progresses, the tubes are sealed whilst linking to each other, with the final hoop linking to both end hoops.
(Full length front view)
This particular necklace has used a number of mixed fibres, including Linen, Cotton, Alpaca and Acylics.
(Side view of full length)
I have written the simple pattern for this necklace and will be hopefully providing kits at my stand at The Twisted Thread shows ( http://www.twistedthread.com/pages/exhibitions/viewExhibition.aspx?id=23 ) and in the future at 'The Makery' Bath, U.K.
...This view shows how it can be worn with diversity; being double wrapped around the neck, to form a choker style, while producing a different pattern and texture with the hoops. Further developments to follow will include a monochrome version and alternative use-age of the technique. For example: trims on knitwear, knitted bag handles and belts.
(Full front wrap around version)

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