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I am a gypsy! having been born and raised in Yorkshire, England I left at 21 and lived in many places including Germany for 5 years. This resulted in my always striving to move on to the next level of my life. The one thing that remained constant is my need to create. Eventually I went back to university and graduated with a first class honours degree in fashion and textiles majoring in knitwear design. I am now back in Yorkshire and a professional in-house hand knit designer for a well known UK pattern and yarn company.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

'SHABBY CHIC' exhibition stand planning...

...At less than 4 weeks to go to exhibiting my knitwear at The Twisted Thread, knit and stitch show (October 8th-11th, Alex. Palace, London) http://www.twistedthread.com/pages/exhibitions/viewExhibition.aspx?id=23 ...I am beginning the thought out process of how my stand should look. It will have 'Shabby Chic' influence. With cream wrought Iron garment rail and pretty boxes to hold my Eco bracelets...
....This little cream iron work holder started life as a salt and pepper pot holder, but is an ideal size to use to display business cards. I needed new salt/pepper pots so it was a very useful find indeed.

...the wrought iron features a rose (which helps to tie together label identity, since my own website has roses on it too) and a heart shape at the top. On my labels (Blog to follow) I have cute hand made cards/envelopes (To state fibre content/price & sample of yarn) which also have a little red love heart on them. My postcards/notelets have been designed to have the caption, 'Made with love by me'. So all in all it should relate nicely.

...full size version of my 'Shabby Chic' garment rail, courtesy of 'Sylvester of Oxford' ( Very impressed by their products and customer service)

Finally this is yet another example of how to recycle. The yarn is throwster silk (Left over silk which is then spun) and began life as a back piece for a red linen dress, but it became obvious it was not suited to the job. The red linen underneath it was to be a sleeve cuff but yet again this was not suitable. So I combined them to make a very quick choker and managed at last to re-use some glass beads from an old favourite earring, which had lost its partner.

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Alison Friday said...

I just love the title shabby chic.